How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

updated 1 year ago
How to Promote Your Business on Instagram. Why and how you need to use Instagram to promote your business.
The popularity of Instagram is growing every day. This social network is visited by tens of thousands of users per day, who communicate with each other and view information: various publications, visual content, news, and so on. You can also log into Instagram from your mobile device, which makes it even more convenient. And also this service is constantly being improved.


Why you need to use Instagram to promote your business

First, pay attention to the statistics: almost 17% of adult users use Instagram daily, most of whom are young people between the ages of 18 and 29. More than half of users visit their page every day, and approximately
35% of users do it several times a day
. Nowadays, most young people shop under the influence of the Internet, which is why Instagram is considered the ideal platform for advertising.


What type of business can you promote on Instagram

The main target audience of social networks is young people. Therefore, Instagram can be used to promote and sell various product categories. Most often, this visual service is used for the sale of clothing, cosmetic products, handicrafts, as well as professional photography and video services are offered there.


Instagram for business: what is it?

Instagram for business is the official blog from Instagram, which contains useful information about the features of promoting goods and services on this social network. They also have tips, the use of which will help you to promote your business faster. We recommend that you subscribe to updates to be one of the first to know about the new features and tools of Instagram, as well as get inspired by the successful use of this social network by well-known brands.


How to optimize your account

Creating an Instagram profile account is one of the popular methods for promoting a business. But in order for your page to be interesting to users and generate income, it must be properly configured:
  • The photo set in the profile must be of high quality and memorable. You can use the logo as the main image.
  • Write the name of your company in the "name" column.
  • Each product must be accompanied by a photo, hashtags (maximum 5 tags), a detailed description and contact information.
  • Optimize the page for quick and easy viewing by potential clients of the photos displayed in the profile.


How to attract users?

Even the most beautiful and well-designed Instagram profile needs to attract followers. You can increase their number in the following ways:
  • Link Instagram account to Facebook;
  • Mark all photos with popular tags;
  • Be active on user pages.
We also recommend that you periodically hold giveaways. You can present the company's products as a prize. This will increase user activity and attract the attention of new followers.
You can increase the number of users as well as increase your sales with discounts. For example, a client can get a bonus for a review, repost, and so on.
First of all, you have to get your followers interested in the product. After all, few people want to buy products of dubious quality, even if you offer them at a reduced cost. Therefore,
demonstrate the benefits
of products in the form of master classes, video instructions, detailed descriptions, and so on. And the most important thing is that if the user is happy with the purchase, he will definitely tell his friends about it, which means that the number of followers to your profile will constantly grow.
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